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Iowa Emergency Nurses Association

2007 Strategic Plan


  1. Promote membership recruitment, retention, activity and organizational visibility.
  2. Strengthen committees for trauma, pediatric, injury prevention, government affairs, membership and education.
  3. Mentor future leaders of the Association.

Strategic Objective #1- Provide educational offerings to meet the clinical and leadership needs of the membership.

bulletOffer spring CEN review course at a reduced rate to members and non-members, sponsor with Med-Ed  (Completed April 17th  and 18th, 2007)
bulletConsider a second CEN course in the fall of 2007 ( October 8th and 9th  ,  2007)
bulletOffer statewide ENCARE Injury Prevention Provider Course April 29th, 2008
bullet11th Annual Conference to be held April 30th, 2008

Strategic Objective #2-Dissemination of ENPC and increase the number of participants by 50 % (need all this information from Sandi)

bulletContinue to encourage the need for ENPC to ED nurses
bulletScholarship funding for recipients of 2006 grant
bulletEvaluate usefulness of the scholarship funding with applicants
bulletConsider another scholarship funding program for fall 2007 and 2008
bulletENPC Instructor course

Strategic Objective #3- TNCC

bullet Develop an improved process for communication of concerns with TNCC courses.
bullet Develop an effective process for the monitoring of quality of TNCC courses that are being provided.
bullet Collaborate with IHA and ITC to develop a law for the mandate of motorcycle helmets.
bullet Collaborate with National ENA to encourage rollout of TNCC one day reverification course
bullet Recognize TNCC Instructors with a tenure of 10 or more years ( Instructors recognized at the Christmas party November 30th, 2007)
bullet Continue recognition of long time TNCC instructors.

Strategic Objective #4-Promote attendance at Scientific Assembly to enhance knowledge and awareness of current trends and issues in Emergency Nursing.

bulletFund delegates and alternates to attend General Assembly in Salt Lake City, Utah September 2007 (9 delegates and 2 alternates attended General Assembly 2007)
bulletDelegates and alternates must be in attendance throughout the assembly and present at voting session.
bulletRevise the delegate application form using the point system (ongoing)
bulletConsider funding two free registrations to Scientific Assembly in 2008
bulletDevelop application process
bulletDecide monetary amount to be awarded each applicant
bulletConsider funding to Leadership Symposium in 2009

Strategic Objective #5- Increase collaboration with other professional organizations

bulletParticipate in IEMS
bulletSupport EMS personnel auditing TNCC and ENPC courses at reduced auditing rate determined by facility hosting course
bulletInvite ACEP President to speak at Annual Conference spring of 2008

Strategic Objective #6 Promote injury prevention activities by ENA members

bulletInjury Prevention  Provider Course in spring of 2008
bulletEstablish a dedicated injury prevention committee
bulletUpdate state and national website with current programs for members to easily access and set up injury prevention provider courses and locate community education resources
bulletWork with Government relations, state and national organizations to determine priorities.

Strategic Objective #7- Enhance members knowledge and participation in Government Affairs and public relations.

bulletIncrease members knowledge about Government Affairs
bulletInclude government affairs article in each newsletter
bulletPlace updates on website
bulletHave a link to National Government Affairs website
bulletDevelop grassroots component to Government Affairs
bulletEstablish e-mail system
bulletCollaborate with other state organizations

Strategic Objective #8- Public Awareness

bulletPromote awareness of resources available to Emergency Nurses.
bullet President will send out agenda two weeks before state meetings to give membership opportunities for input on ideas, issues and concerns.
bulletPromote public awareness of the role of Emergency Nursing
bulletLook for ways to use media to promote Emergency Nursing and to educate the public on issues pertinent to our field.
bulletLocal news TV
bullet Newspapers (Letter to the Editor sent by Government Affairs Chair to DM Register regarding youth seat belts February 2008)
bulletPromote ENA by maintaining the website with current information.
bulletWebmaster will solicit information from State Officers, Committee Chairs and general membership and maintain the website with current information.
bulletKeep meeting minutes on the website, to include committee reports.

Strategic Objective #9- Organizational strength and competency

bulletIncrease membership, participation and retention
bulletMembership committee chair will send a letter to members whos memberships will expire, at least two months before they expire
bulletMembership committee chair will communicate to Chapter chair who will be expiring from their membership
bulletChapter President or a member appointed by them will contact the member whose membership is expiring.
bulletLook at doing a get-a-member drive or State Membership Drive
bulletCommunicate benefits and goals of ENA to all EDs in the State
bulletStrengthen leadership skills of Chapter and State Officers
bulletDevelop an orientation process for officers
bulletContinue to send State President and President-Elect to Leadership conference
bulletEncourage Chapters to look at possible partial funding to Leadership conference for its officers

Strategic Objective #10 Reevaluate Strategic plan

bulletState council officers and committee chairs will meet to discuss strategic plan at least twice yearly.