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Emergency Nurses CARE

ENA’s Injury Prevention Institute

Mission: The Mission of the Emergency Nurses CARE is to reduce preventable injuries and deaths by educating the public in order to raise awareness and promote healthy lifestyles.

Philosophy: As emergency health care professionals, we have an obligation to educate the public on health and safe lifestyles.


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Injury Prevention Resources from ENA:

Do you need help preparing for a presentation & need facts from experts nationwide?  



New Program!
33% of ED visits are injury-related
The STOP Injuries program is a self-study, interactive learning tool on CD-ROM that provides basic education and skill development in injury prevention
bulletUp-to-date information and easy-to use tools to improve your knowledge and skills
bulletCase studies, examples, and hands-on exercises that provide practice opportunities
bulletReady access to online databases, best practice recommendations, and free internet resources
The interactive features of the program make it flexible enough to meet your needs, whether you are new to the field of injury prevention or an experienced professional.
Order your copy today at ENA's Marketplace –, or by calling (800) 243-8362.
For additional information visit or contact the ENA Injury Prevention Institute/EN CARE at (800) 900-9659, ext 4112 or at .


Iowa ENA Injury Prevention

Committee membersJulie Hensley, Iowa ENA EIC, Rachel Creamer, Moira Pyle, Kara Greenlee, Angela Mortoza, Pam Boat, Jan Chapman, Marcia Hyke, and Sarah Town(newest member-Welcome!).    

ENA Injury Prevention Institute/ EN CARE Provider Training Update:

On April 29, 2008, twenty-one participants took the new Injury Prevention Provider Course offered at Iowa Methodist Medical Center, Des Moines.  Tiffiny Strever, Iowa ENA Board Liaison,  Sharon Munns, Minnesota ENA  EIC, and Julie Hensley, Iowa ENA EIC were the instructors.  Three groups shared injury prevention information for the participants including: Iowa Safe Kids, Poison Control, and the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau.  Chad Thomas, Iowa THINK First also sent information to hand out.  



                                                                                      Pictured (L to R): Julie Hensley, Tiffiny Strever,

                                                                                        Jeri Babb, and Sharon Munns.




L-R: Kristel Wetjen, Julie Hensley, Sandy Wynja, Diane Thenhaus, Kara Greenlee. 
September 15, 2009, Iowa ENA members attending the annual "Keeping Kids Safe" Conference in Des Moines at Iowa Methodist Medical Center.  The Keynote speaker this year was Pierre Des'y, Director of ENA Injury Prevention Institute. He did a wonderful job telling the story of ENA and Injury Prevention especially with how it all got started and how it has evolved into an active member in many collaborative efforts.  With members joining others to develop injury prevention programs to present in community settings as well as taking advantage of "teachable moments" in Emergency Departments.
Thanks Pierre for coming to Iowa and doing a super job!

If anyone has any pictures from any injury prevention programs you are doing please send them to me so they can be put on the web.

Please contact me for any information about ENA Injury Prevention Programs:

Julie Hensley, Iowa ENA EIC

Email: at or 

Phone: 319/750-0370


L-R. Lisa Roth (Instructor), Michele Alpen(UIHC, Iowa City), Sue Houselog (Mercy, Dubuque), Julie Hensley (Great River Medical Center, W. Burlington), Katrina Altenhofen (Instructor)

Three ENA members pictured in the middle completed their annual CPS Technician Update-Refresher in Davenport, Iowa.


Injury Prevention Programs

bulletInjury Prevention Training Class
           This program is designed to prepare healthcare providers to educate the public about alcohol and highway safety issues in order to raise awareness and promote healthy lifestyles.



Jeri Babb (Instructor), taught 13 participants in West Burlington, Iowa.

Back row L-R: Bobbi Ahlen, Linda Cockrell, Julie Werner, Jeri Babb, Sue Klein, Ann Torgler, Melisa Mc Connell, Karlee Webster, Heather Carter;

Front Row L-R: Julie Hensley, Florence Hensley, Erica Michaud, Susan Campbell.(Vicky Oge, not pictured) 


The following items have been purchased by Iowa EN CARE and are available to be checked out on loan at no cost (except shipping expenses).

bulletAlcohol Prevention Programs
bulletChoices for Living

Designed to promote safe decison-making amongst teenage drivers to avoid        risky behaviors such as speeding, binge drinking, and drinking and driving.



Alcohol Screening (SBIRT)

Toolkit provides emergency and trauma nurses with information to implement SBIRT procedure in emergency care setting.

bulletHealthy Aging

SAFER Medication Use

Educates health care professionals on in-hospital & community-based approaches to reducing adverse drug events among adults. 



Stand Strong for Life

How to prevent falls among older adults in both community and hospital setting.

bulletSafety Education
bulletChild Passenger Safety

Educates nurses to teach child occupant protection to the public and other nurses and to be resources in their community. Both 16 and 32-hour child passenger safety courses are offered. Graduates of the 32-hour course receive NHTSA Certification.

Bicycle Safety    

Bike with CARE-Programs and resources to educate children, their parents and caretakers about bicycle safety practices and proper helmet use. Great resources for providing in-school programs and community activities, such as bike rodeos.

Gun Safety

Program is designed to increase public awareness of firearm safety and reduce preventable firearm injuries and fatalities.

Information is presented to the public in a variety of ways: by providing exhibit booths at health fairs at schools and in the community, serving on community/government injury prevention task forces, working with government agencies, other advocacy groups, and presenting programs to audiences ranging from preschool to mature adults. All programs are presented free of charge.

  Jan Chapman RN

demonstrating Jello"brain" and

importance of wearing bicycle helmet




Report your Injury Prevention Activities Online

Have you been doing any injury prevention activities over the past three months? 
Please submit online or send the details back to Julie Hensley, Injury Prevention Chair. 
Information to include:
  1. What type of program
  2. Who were the attendees and how many
  3. Where the program took place
  4. Names of the presenters. 
    Either ENA Programs or Non- ENA programs. 
    Examples include: Car seat check up events, fall prevention programs, helmet fitting stations, bike rodeos, suicide prevention,etc.
See the link below to access the online submission area.

 Thanks for all you have been doing or plan to do in the future.  Let me know if you need any help preparing for a program. 

Julie Hensley, RN BSN CEN EMT-PS
Iowa ENA Injury Prevention Chair
bulletReporting is more accessible for all injury prevention volunteers.
bulletAssists your state in gaining recognition for all injury prevention activities.
bulletServes as a benchmark tool for injury prevention activities.
bulletOffers ENA and each state up-to-the-minute information on Injury Prevention training activities any time during the year.
bulletProvides a continuous needs assessment.
EIC's will continue to receive a report of all injury prevention activities reported within their state at the end of each quarter. Reporting deadlines will still remain as follows:
bullet1st Qtr:     Jan 1 - March 31
bullet2nd Qtr:    April 1 – June 30
bullet3rd Qtr:    July 1 – September 30
bullet4th Qtr:    October 1 – December 31
The online reporting can be accessed on the ENA Web site by clicking on "Online Reporting" or by going directly to the following link:
If you have any questions about the new online reporting system, please contact the ENA Injury Prevention Institute/EN CARE at 847/460-4112.